by Angel Hernandez, PRIME Promotions Chairman

Deployment news continues, EDP’s project in Portugal expands, choosing PRIME Alliance member’s meters and devices.  Energa is extending its PRIME commercial roll out by an additional 450,000 PRIME smart meters and corresponding data concentrators, choosing a consortium led by Elgama sp. Zoo and Sagemcom.  Pilots are taking place all over the world, and in earnest throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East. This geographic expansion is reflected in our membership as we welcome new members from these regions.

We have launched the first in a series of PRIME Video’s with new releases sharing key PRIME developments scheduled throughout this year. PRIME’s President, Miguel A. Sanchez Fornie shares PRIME’s main focus and viewers can glimpse behind the scenes of one of Poland’s leading Utilities, Energa-Operator, who share why they chose the PRIME standard. Union Fenosa Distribution opened their laboratory to the camera showing the breadth of interoperability testing this utility embarks on before deploying PRIME meters in its network. Visit

PRIME technology is a reality today, chosen by leading utilities  -  open, publicly available and a proven technology.

PRIME an end-to-end communication solution for utilities, a future-proof globally oriented solution.

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Sponsoring Members:

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ZIV Participates in 10 AMI global pilots

PRIME Alliance Deployments

Over the last 12 months, CG Automation, has participated in 10 Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) pilot runs worldwide to deploy both ZIV smart meters and ZIV data concentrators.

Energias de Portugal (EDP), CREOS (Luxembourg), ENERGA (Poland), ENERGOBIT (Romania), Electricité Du Liban (EDL - Lebanon), CGJDF (India), POWERGRID (India), Companhia Energetica de Pernambuco (CELPE - Brazil), and Empresa Provincial de Energía de Santa Fe (EPE - Argentina) are running CG’s ZIV smart grid solutions.

To extend beyond smart metering and complement the Distribution Automation Solution (DAS) portfolio, CG, at its smart grid excellence centre in Bilbao, has developed a complete set of solutions for Medium Voltage (MV) & Low Voltage (LV) automation systems, including PRIME PLC standard.  CG recently completed the supply of 30,000 ZIV Meters to ANDE (Administración Nacional de Electricidad), Paraguay.

Sagemcom delivers to Energa-Operator’s extended roll-out

PRIME Alliance Deployments

Energa-Operator awarded a contract in January to a consortium led by Elgama sp. zoo, for which sagemcom will deliver 100% of the requested 450,000 Prime Smart Meters and associated Data Concentrators.The Smart Meters will be deployed for this rollout in compliance with the requirements of Energy Regulatory Office. Start of installation of the equipment is expected in the second quarter of 2014 and will cover all the area of operation of Energa.

Deployment Milestones

PRIME Alliance Deployments

EDP Distribuição continues with its Inovgrid Project aiming to reach its target of 100K during this year.  Through a qualification process for single-phase and three-phase smart meters with the PRIME PLC standard, EDP have qualified meters from PRIME Alliance members Janz, Landis+Gyr and Sagemcom.  The qualification process continues and they expect an additional three further suppliers during this year.   In addition to smart meters, they have chosen Distribution Transformer Controllers from Efacec, Ormazabal and ZIV, with around 2k devices already installed and further roll outs to 10K planned.

PRIME Alliance Deployments

With more than 2 million PRIME Meters deployed, from up to 9 different meter vendors was a significant close to 2013 for Iberdrola

For 2014, expect to see more than 3.5 million PRIME meters deployed, adding a significant number to PRIME’s overall deployment figures.

PRIME Alliance Deployments

Gas Natural Fenosa’s current deployment of 900,000 PRIME Smart meters continues with expectations of finishing 2014 around the 1.2 million figure.

Worldwide Deployments 

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Members Discussion Forum

PRIME Alliance Forum

New, accessed from our website, just for PRIME Alliance members this discussion forum is one of the many collaboration tools available to our members where they can share experience, discuss issues and ask questions as they work on the various aspects of the PRIME Standard.

Members please contact if you have not received your login for this forum.


PRIME Alliance Introduction Movie

See PRIME's new video on our website - viewers can glimpse behind the scenes of one of Poland’s leading Utilities, Energa-Operator, who share why they chose the PRIME standard. Union Fenosa Distribution opened their laboratory to the camera showing the breadth of interoperability testing this utility embarks on before deploying PRIME meters in its network. 


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PRIME Certification Program

PRIME Alliance Products

At the beginning of 2014 PRIME streamlined their Certification process. 

An industry unique certification process for chipsets, DC’s and Meters facilitates PRIME-compliant and interoperable products in the market. 

Now reflected on our website, an indication of the certification profile, date and certification laboratory that conducted the tests, along with a copy of the signed certificate.

PRIME Certification is currently carried out by accredited test laboratories, DNV KEMA, ITE (Service Nodes) and Tecnalia.  Tests are based on specifications provided and maintained by PRIME. 

Note:  In order to certify your product or device you need to be a PRIME Alliance member.

All member products that are certified or going through the process (submitted) can be found on the PRIME website in the Certified Products section

Recent Members Press Releases:


Five new PRIME Alliance members

PRIME Alliance Members

The PRIME Alliance welcomes five new members (since the last Newsletter) continuing the worldwide expansion of interest in the PRIME Standard.

Powercom Ltd, Israel
Meter Device Manufacturer

Phoenix Systems, Poland
Software Services

Andrea Informatique, France
Software Service Provider

Tmatic, Poland
AMI Integrator

Electronic Afzar Azma, Iran
Meter/Device Manufacturer

Becoming a PRIME Alliance regular member is open to companies who agree to actively support and promote an open specification for the benefit of the end-user and all industry stakeholders.

Joining is a simple process and all details can be found on our website in the Join PRIME section.