PRIME 1.4 Specifications Released and 5 Million meters deployed

by Angel Hernandez, PRIME Promotions Chairman

‘European Utility Week’ Amsterdam (4 – 6th November) saw both the release of version 1.4 specifications and the news that 5 million meters have been deployed by utilities and solution providers, worldwide. 

This new release keeps all the benefits and lessons learned from 5 million installed PRIME smart meters confirming it is a proven technology that performs in large-scale, future-proof smart grid deployments.  The new specifications were released after special consideration to backwards compatibility and with the support of our members, working through interoperability testing earlier this year at our two ‘plugfests’ - see our Technical Working Group update. 

Being a truly open standard, version 1.4 specifications are available to download from our websiteVisit our Version 1.4 page to see our members views in our latest video and to download the 1.4 White Paper.

We are pleased to announce that PRIME Alliance will be holding their first Utility User Group meeting on 21st – 22nd January, 2015 in Madrid, hosted by Iberdrola and Gas Natural Fenosa.  This event is open and free of charge to any utility that would like to attend. Please register your interest in attending by email to

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Sponsoring Members:

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PRIME Deployments Movie

We have launched the next in our series of PRIME Video’s, offering viewers the opportunity to hear why Iberdrola, Gas Natural Fenosa, EDP and Energa-Operator have chosen the PRIME technology for their commercial roll out to help them achieve the reality of smart meter deployments. See the PRIME Alliance Deployments Movie.

Deployment Updates

PRIME Alliance Deployments

Iberdrola: 4 Million Deployments: With more than 10 million residential and SME supply points in Spain, Iberdrola Networks have already achieved the regulatory target of 35% of smart meters deployed by the end of this year. All smart meters, from up to 9 internationally based meter vendors, employ a PRIME solution from 4 different and yet interoperable PRIME sources and DLMS COSEM as application protocol. It is expected that the deployment will reach the 4 million figure by the end of 2014, with millions to come in 2015 and 1016 so as to reach the ambitious regulatory target of 70% of deployment by December 2016. Customers connected to Iberdrola Networks have on-line access to their own consumption data and can take informed decisions based both on their historical hourly consumption and on-demand instantaneous power readings.

PRIME Alliance Deployments


EDP Inovgrid Project: EDP Distribuição has already installed 60k PLC PRIME meters and 2.400 DTCs from several suppliers, within the scope of the Inovgrid project. The target for 2015 is to reach an aggregated figure of 300k PLC PRIME meters and 10.000 DTCs


PRIME Alliance Deployments


Gas Natural Fenosa Exceed expected deployments: Gas Natural Fenosa’s announced they have exceeded their end of year 2014 target of 1.2 million deployments of PRIME Smart meters 

PRIME Alliance Deployments

El Sewedy Pilot Project Implementation: The Pilot project has begun in Lebanon with the implementation of 1500 smart meters with PRIME technology.  El Sewedy are in the final stage of the testing, and once final approval has been given by EDL (Electricity Company of Lebanon) the roll-out plan for the 500K meters is expected to start in January 2015, replacing 500K meters over the next 18 Months.

Worldwide Deployments 


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The Instituto Tecnologico de la Energía, ITE has been approved by the Board of Directors of the PRIME Alliance, as a laboratory for Base Node certification. Already offering service node certification, ITE has extended its services for smart meter manufacturers to include Base Node as part of its wider offering to its clients.

ITE is a nonprofit technological centre directing its projects and services towards companies and public bodies in different areas of the energy sector: Smart Grids, Electric Car, Energy Storage, Renewable Energies, Green Building, Industry Efficiency, Smart Metering, etc.

For more information visit their website or contact: Anabel Soria Esteve -



Interoperability Testing of PRIME 1.4 Specifications: PRIME members met at DNV GL, Madrid in October for the second phase of vendor interoperability testing for the 1.4 specifications at the MAC layer level.

PRIME Members Atmel, Renesas, ST Microelectronics, Texas Instruments and ZIV took part in these ‘plugfests’, assisted by DNV GL, ITE and TECNALIA. This intensive ‘plugfest’ workshop tested the interoperability of their MAC layer implementations, as well as the advantages of the new release.  

This MAC ‘plugfest’ completes the previous PHY ‘plugfest’ held in Bilbao in TECNALIA premises, in July 2014, where PRIME members tested the interoperability of their PHY layer implementations. 

Both sessions were a complete success exceeding the goals set, demonstrating to the industry and the customers that PRIME is a reality projecting itself into new markets and services such as grid automation and demand response, with these functionalities currently under test and the guarantee of backward compatibility with the existing installed base.

As the PRIME member community develops and tests new features and functionalities going beyond the traditional utility smart metering business, a new portfolio of added-value services will be unleashed, that strongly improves the business case and fit the requirements of an evolving smart grid network. 



Utility Week Europe 2014: Amsterdam hosted this year Utility Week Europe event, and the PRIME Alliance  booth had a commanding presence this year with very visible branding throughout the exhibition floor.  We showcased members PRIME Certified products, supporting the interoperability story that PRIME leads the industry, with 5 million meters installed worldwide.

Members and visitors celebrated the launch of Version 1.4 and reaching a significant milestone of 5 million meters deployed, with a reception at the booth  for members and visitors to celebrate.

Thanks to our many active members displaying PRIME member boards we had a significant presence that contributed to the high level of visitors at the booth.

As a membership organisation, it is our members that contribute to PRIME and a busy show needs booth staff to answer the many questions – thanks to the following members who supported the Alliance volunteering their time staffing the booth: Atmel, Circutor, DNV-GL, Iberdrola, Janz, Ormazabal, Renesas, Sagemcom, STMicroelectronics, Siemens, Telecon Galicia, Texas Instruments and ZIV.

View the Engerati video, Oscar Marquez (PRIME VP) interviewed by Claire Volkwyn, Editor of Metering & Smart Energy International

Presentation Download

Latin America Utility Week 2014: PRIME Alliance, Speakers:  Metering Stream, 12th August.  Speakers from Atmel and ZIV presented the PRIME Alliance as part of the "Metering Stream" session. Their presentations are ready for for download in our events-section.


Recent Members Press Releases:



The PRIME Alliance welcomes two new members (since the last Newsletter) continuing the worldwide expansion of interest in the PRIME Standard. 

PRIME Alliance Members

The PRIME Alliance welcomes two new members (since the last Newsletter) continuing the worldwide expansion of interest in the PRIME Standard. 

ON Semiconductor, France
Semi-Conductor Manufacturer

Elgama Elektronika, Lithuania
Meter Device Manufacturer

Becoming a PRIME Alliance regular member is open to companies who agree to actively support and promote an open specification for the benefit of the end-user and all industry stakeholders. 

Joining is a simple process and all details can be found on our website in the Join PRIME section.